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Lottery Sambad Old

Lottery sambad old is the best and most reliable game where you can get the full prize money in a limited time. You can have up to 1 crore in a single night by purchasing the ticket lottery for only 6 rupees. This lottery sambad oldis not a fraud or any other illegal game. Lottery Sambad old on by the Government of the Indian state Nagaland. Lottery Sambad is also known as Nagaland lottery state. 

Lottery Sambad draws daily three times a day.

Today lottery sambad results at 1 pm

Today lottery sambad results at 6 pm

Today lottery sambad results at 8 pm

Lottery sambad result time

You can check your ticket number and match it; if your ticket number and draws form have the same number,  you can easily claim your ticket. There is no special procedure to claim your lottery. You need your id card, passport-size photographs, and an original ticket number. Just keep in mind ticket number not be damaged and intact.

Nagaland State Lottery officially announces the result of the lotteries, and the winner person has a photo session with the officials as well. 

The main purpose of these lotteries is to give relief to those who are not very rich and want to turn their living standard into a lavish style. The Nagaland state generated its resources through this lottery as well. There are many other lotteries drawn in the other state of India. 

Suppose you are not in a position where you cannot go to the Nagaland state and have some issues. The Government has appointed official distributors, agents, and authorized dealers of the lottery Sambad old; you can go to them and claim your rewards. They can claim your ticket up to a prize of 10,000 inr. 

If you win a prize of more than 10,000, it will only claim in the director’s office of Nagaland with the signed ticket of the owner. You must have all documents attached to the ticket. You can claim your awards within 30 days of draws. And your reward will be given to you within sixty days. You must submit your original signed lottery ticket to the director’s office of Nagaland to claim your prize. 


Are lottery Sambad old and other lotteries legal in India?

Lottery Sambad is not the only one that draws daily, and there are also many other lotteries in the other state of India. These lotteries head by the state of India; their main motto is to generate the maximum revenue for their state and give relief to their people. The names of the lottery state are Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram, Kerala, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, and Sikkim.

Who manages and organizes the Sambad lottery?

Government officials and state owners head these lotteries, and they have appointed authorized dealers to claim the reward of a short amount in less time. If you win the big lottery, you need to submit your documents and then claim them in the director’s office of the Nagaland state and other director offices. 

Can I buy online lottery tickets?

Some vendors and ticket sellers are available online; you can purchase the lottery ticket from them and participate in the lottery draw. 

Can I check the online result of the lottery Sambad?

You can check the lottery Sambad results online from a reliable source that is You can check the latest and previous results online on the given platform. 

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