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Project Clean Earth v1.16 MOD APK (God Mode, Free Purchases)

To download the latest version of Project Clean Earth APK, press the download now button and install the game on your android device. The Project Clean Earth Apk latest version is available on for free.

Read the article till the end, as we have given details about its features and its usage for a better understanding of the gameplay and storyline.


Project Clean Earth Mod APK Free Download

Are you searching for a free pro version of Project Clean Earth APK? Then download Project Clean Earth MOD APK, where you can quickly complete the game levels and finish the required tasks. With Project Clean Earth’s standard version, you need to spend lots of money and time to make progress and receive rewards, but with its MOD version, you don’t need to make an effort, as your goals are achievable in a short time. You can rise like a star with Project Clean Earth MOD APK and leave all your competitors behind. offers this game free; you don’t need to pay a single penny to download or play this game.

Project Clean Earth APK Download

If you are not a big MOD version of Project Clean Earth APK, you are welcome to download Project Clean Earth APK’s original version from You’ll find the latest version of this game on our website, which is free to download for everyone. As you are connected with, you can also update Project Clean Earth APK without using Google Play.

Project Clean Earth APK 2023 Features

Project Clean Earth has gameplay that combines Roguelike, Hack, and Slash (H&S). Enter into a world gripping apocalyptic with amazing visuals. Project Clean Earth APK offers many cool features that are explained below.


A creature with the abilities of a Superhero

Project Clean Earth game follows the sequence of scenes without any interruption. The game starts from an airship shaped like a shield where you need to shoot and kill the mutant as they begin appearing. You won’t find any twists and turns in the Project Clean Earth game, as the game’s system has a straightforward concept. Move the player manually over the battlefield without using any tactics. The only advantage the players will have in Project Clean Earth is crossing the battleground quickly with a hand gesture. When mutants come in front of you, use the shoot button to strike them. Remember, you need to shoot them continuously until each one of them reaches its fate. For optimal accuracy, wait for your enemies to get close to you and use the standard weapon to kill them.


Confrontation with Boss

Every time you defeat mutants, new bosses confront you. As you proceed in the game, new challenges will appear where you will be required to show more bravery.

Get ready to fight against a frightening creature with a purple tongue and four-eyed head with two legless whales. A tongue that can extend and grab the opponent by wrapping around its body. The power of the tongue’s grip is enough to break the victim’s bones.



During your battle, random cards appear in the game, which you can collect anytime. These cards are beneficial in upgrading in-game weapons and other tools. The French cheese cards help make the system work smoother during the battles. 

Players will also find cards that can be used to locate the enemies through radars. There are also cards named shotguns cards that use shotguns to shoot enemies.

Blue fist power cards can boost the game stats, weapons power, and other skills.

Armour plates are also introduced in the game, which can be used with defensive armor cards that help resist the enemy’s attack.

If you want to keep progressing in the game, find the best weapons and follow the best tactics, which is the key to success in the Project Clean Earth MOD game.

Get yourself ready, as new locations and changing weather conditions can affect you during battles. Keep your weapons upgraded and use the combined powers of the weapons to make a positive impact in the game. Launch 3-dimensional projectiles that fly in multiple directions. Project Clean Earth MOD is undoubtedly a combination of defensive and aggressive shields where you must apply the best strategies to survive till the end.

How to download and Install Project Clean Earth MOD

Project Clean Earth Download is available on our site; follow the simple steps to get your game now.

  1. Tap the download button link at the top of the site, redirecting you to the next page.
  2. Wait for the timer loader to appear the download button links.
  3. Pick the version and hit the download button.
  4. Now, visit your device settings -> security folder to enable the unknown sources option, which will accept installing third-party applications.
  5. After enabling the option, you’ll be able to install the game on your mobile android device.
  6. Tap the downloaded APK and press the install button.
  7. Let the installation finish and enjoy all features free with no risk of viruses.

Project Clean Earth Mod FAQs

How can I Download Project Clean Earth MOD on an android device?

Click the download button and pick the game version you want for your android device. Let the downloading finish, and install the game on your device. Hurrah! You are ready to play the game.

Is Project Clean Earth MOD game safe to play?

Project Clean Earth is 100% safe to install and play on all android devices. The application has been developed and reviewed by trusted authorities. Also, the application has been scanned by our anti-virus system to confirm that it’s free from any malware. Feel free to install the game on your device.

Why am I not able to install Project Clean Earth MOD on my device?

If you have already installed the version of Project Clean Earth, then you first need to uninstall that version and then download and install the MOD version on your device. But remember to allow the option of unknown sources in your android device security settings.

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