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Stone Grass MOD APK v1.30.1rc 2023 (Unlimited Money)

Stone Grass is an outstanding game in which you have to cut the grass and establish a business. The main point is to trim the overgrown grass to make the land look amazing. When the grass is cut, it will become a heap; then, you have to collect it and put it into a machine to help you generate money in exchange for it.

stone grass mod apk
stone grass

As you progress, the game becomes complicated. You have to solve the puzzles and complete the tasks and missions. All the tasks would be really helpful for developing patience and polishing many skills like problem-solving, teamwork, time management, strong work ethic, leadership, professionalism, etc. So, don’t be shy about installing this super amazing game, as it is a mind-provoking game and gives you tons of enjoyment.

About Stone Grass Mod Apk

The high graphics game, stone grass mod apk unlimited money, is less than 140 MB and is worldwide famous. It has more than 10M downloads, and all the experts offer everyone to play this game to have super fun. The game’s installation is uncomplicated; you simply have to download it from Google Play Store. But, to have a better version of stone touching grass simulator, you should install it from the link on my website. 

The user interface of Stone grass apk mod is just beyond excellence. Whenever a gamer plays this game, the enchanting graphics and marvelous gameplay leave an everlasting impact on the gamer’s mind. The game not only gives uttermost fun in cutting the grass and collecting it but also helps enhance so many amazing skills, so do install it.


The gameplay of the Stone grass game is simple yet complicated. You have to go through many events to trim the grass overgrown from the land. The task will be completed by plowing, planting, and harvesting. The gamer will play the game from a third-person perceptive. You will cut the grass, which will be automatically rolled up in small sections so you may collect them. After the accomplishment of the task, you will get money.

stone grass mod apk

As I have mentioned above, the task while just reading seems to be quite easy and of no worries, but it isn’t very easy to complete. You have to solve puzzles that are quite hard and problematic. But after practicing, you will be able to solve the puzzle. The most missions you complete, the more chance of gaining profit becomes easy. Upgrade all the tools and equipment with the money that you gained. Install the game to experience outstanding gameplay and explore the areas in the game.

grass stone mod apk

Features of Stone Grass Game

The game has some brilliant features described below to give you a better understanding of the game. 

Move the land to different sites.

In the game, the players would be given an amazing task i-e moving the land to different locations. Players will be given a sharp blade by which they will be able to cut anything they touch. So, he will have to face some challenges while cutting the grass in mowing. He can navigate his wheels to different sites. So, install the game to begin your journey of marvelous gameplay of trimming the multi-colored grass. And yes, obviously, for cutting the multi-colored grass, specialized equipment is needed. 

Generate Money

After completing the tasks and missions in the game, the gamer will get money. With this money, he can unlock many tools and other equipment needed for the next missions.

Dynamic weather system

There is an amazing feature i-e a dynamic weather system in the game, to test your patience, tolerance, and tenacity. For example, if it rains heavily outside, you must complete the task per schedule. So, you have to prepare yourself well for the upcoming conditions. If you get some rest because of the conditions, you may get short of time and be unable to perform the task well. So, install the game to have super fun. 

Advanced Physics

This feature seems quite odd, but it is brilliant. The advanced physics in the game helps to push the objects when moving so that they may not fall. It tests your skills and is quite challenging as different obstacles block certain areas. So, have fun through it.

stone grass mod apk

Explore different areas

As you advance in the game, you’ll go through different events and areas and explore them. You will see lush green lawns, etc. You will see many objects and animals while exploring different sites. 

stone grass mod apk

Stone Grass Mod Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Exploration of different areas
  • Dynamic weather system
  • No ads
  • Astonishing graphics
  • Advance physics
  • Unlimited Money
  • Distinct levels

How to download and Install Stone Grass Mod

Stone Grass Mod Download is available for free; follow the simple steps to get your game now.

  1. Tap the download button link, redirecting you to the next page.
  2. Wait for the timer loader to appear the download button links.
  3. Pick the version and hit the download button.
  4. Now, visit your device settings -> security folder to turn on the unknown sources option, which will accept installing third-party applications.
  5. After enabling unknown resources, you’ll be able to install the game on your android device.
  6. Tap the Downloaded APK and press the install button.
  7. Let the installation finish and enjoy the game.


How many levels are there in the stone grass mod apk?

Stone grass mod menu apk is a fabulous game that provides you with the uttermost fun. The levels in the game are so enchanting and get more difficult one after the other. It has almost 100 levels which include amazing tasks and complicated missions. After completing one level, the gamer is given coins and gems through which he unlocks tools.

How can I advance in the stone grass mod apk?

To advance in the stone grass mod apk:

  1. Get all the free upgrades as soon as possible.
  2. Cut the grass by utilizing the cart to transport it faster.
  3. After getting coins, balance out the upgrades that are costly.
  4. Try to complete the level with a high margin.

By following these steps, you can surely advance in the game.


Stone grass mod apk is a brilliant game with impressive visuals, superb features, functional control, and amazing quests. You can upgrade tools and machines from your coins so that you may work faster. The game is completely free of ads means the gamer would never get irritated by popup ads. I have tried my best to make you aware of the features of the stone grass mod apk, but still, if there is some question in your mind, you can ask in the comment box. 

What's new

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