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You can play YouTube videos in the background and do other stuff on your mobile device with this option. If you want this option on Official YouTube, you have to pay extra charges and buy their subscription. But Youtube Blue APK is giving you this feature for free.
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Download Youtube Blue APK version 2023 (Android, IOS) Free

Everyone with a smartphone loves to use the YouTube application to watch videos, short stories, documentaries, or gameplays. The android operating system comes up with preinstalled YouTube on the devices. YouTube is one of the most popular authentic applications by Google, which has lots of interesting features and functionalities.

Let’s talk about the ad experience in the official YouTube app. You may have noticed on clicking any video, you have to watch an ad, or sometimes ads popup in the middle of the videos, which is quite irritating for the users. Considering this, YouTube Blue APK was released, which has a much-improved ads experience and extra features you will never find in YouTube APK.

youtube blue

YouTube Blue is very similar to YouTube Pink APK, so if you want to enjoy the features of the Pink version as well, then read the details here.

About YouTube Blue

YouTube Blue APK is a modified version of the YouTube app which has become popular in the android community since its release. You’ll find every feature of original YouTube in the Blue YouTube APK, along with extra options.

Along with a light theme, YouTube Blue APK offers a black theme for users who love to use apps in night mode. The built-in ad-blocking feature will never show you ads while watching videos. So, why need to install the original YouTube when you can download an application Like Blue YouTube with many features for free.

youtube blue

Features of YouTube Blue APK

As we have mentioned earlier, most of this App’s features are identical to its original version; but you’ll find many other options specifically introduced in the YouTube Blue APK.

Here is the list of features of YouTube Blue APK.


You can play YouTube videos in the background and do other stuff on your mobile device with this option. If you want this option on Official YouTube, you have to pay extra charges and buy their subscription. But Youtube Blue APK is giving you this feature for free.


Adblocker blocks all the ads that pop up while you are watching the video. You will never see any ad on YouTube Blue APK, whether a video or some other kind of ad.

Zoom In and Out

With this feature, you can zoom in and out the screen of YouTube Blue by just using your fingertips. This feature helps users when they want to watch the video closely or view any section of the App with a closer look.

HDR Mode

HDR Mode will help you watch every video or short in full HD quality with no pixel loss. If you are a fan of high-quality videos, this feature belongs to you. You can enjoy every video or moving image in high definition quality with the option.

Special Themes

Many users want to switch their regular theme with something new. But unfortunately, official YouTube doesn’t offer them such features to fulfill these YouTube modded versions, including Black, Red, and Pink, introduced with multiple themes and functionalities.


While watching the video, you can select any resolution depending upon your needs. Resolution options including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p are available in YouTube Blue app. It’s up to you which resolution you keep because the higher the resolution, the more mobile data will drain from your internet package.

Repeat videos

The repeating video option is the first time introduced in YouTube Blue APK. With this feature, you can repeat specific videos repeatedly without shifting to the next videos. And if you want to play some videos in a loop, you can also activate this option from the YouTube settings.

Windows Style

The Windows styling option will minimize the screen size for you. This feature is useful when you want to search for something on YouTube but at the same time don’t want to close the current playing video; then, you can adjust the screen size of the current video to remain displayed.

Watch Later option

If you are randomly scrolling YouTube and not interested in watching a video yet, you can add videos in the watch Later folder with just one tap. But remember, you can only watch these videos in online mode.

Pause History

If you pause your history option in the YouTube Blue app, this App no longer tracks your history of watching videos. The one disadvantage of this feature is that, on pausing history, YouTube will not be able to recommend your videos based on your past video watched or viewed.


You can allow YouTube to recommend videos of specific categories. With this, you can watch the videos of your interest only.

How to download and Install YouTube Blue APK

YouTube Blue APK download is available on our site; follow the simple steps to get your App now.

  1. Tap the download button link given at the top of the site, redirecting you to the next page.
  2. Wait for the timer loader to appear the download button links.
  3. Pick the version and hit the download button.
  4. Now, visit your device settings -> security folder to enable the unknown sources and accept installing third-party applications.
  5. After enabling the resources, you’ll be able to install the application on your mobile android device.
  6. Tap the Downloaded APK and press the install button.
  7. Let the installation finish and enjoy all premium features free with no risk of viruses.

youtube blue


What are the major differences between YouTube Vanced APK and YouTube Blue APK?

Every feature of YouTube Blue APK is available in YouTube Vanced app. There is nothing less or more feature in youtube red than youtube blue. You can say that the YouTube Vanced term is also used for YouTube Blue App.

What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube Blue app?

YouTube is the official application from Google available on the Play Store with more than 10 billion downloads. In comparison, the YouTube Blue app is the MOD version of the YouTube app with lots of interesting and cool features that are not even introduced in the YouTube Official.

Can I download the YouTube Blue app from Google Play Store?

MOD version of any application is never available on Google Play Store; if you want to download the YouTube Blue APK, you can only get it from third-party websites with some safety risks.

Is YouTube Blue APK safe to use App?

The Google Play Store never verifies the MOD versions of any app. So, if you want to download this App, you need to download it at your risk because there is always a safety concern when downloading apps from third-party websites.

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