Download Poppy Playtime APK Chapter 2 Free [Full Game]

Have you finished the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 and want to continue to chapter 2 of this fantastic horror game? Then you are at the right place.
Today, we will discuss Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK, free to download from
Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime APK is ‘Fly in the Web.’ It’s the 2nd part of the Poppy Playtime, which continues the storyline of part 1. The story in 2nd part continues from the Poppy doll, where the player released the doll from a case.

Get yourself; as many exciting things will happen in this game chapter.

poppy playtime

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App Name Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK
File Size 611 MB
Latest Version v2.0
Android Version
5.0 and up
MOB Games Studio
Last Updated 2 days ago
Category Horror

poppy playtime

If you haven’t played the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 APK, then play it first by clicking the download button below.

Already played Chapter 2? Don’t worry, as we already have Chapter 3 for you. Try it now.

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